Thursday, November 18, 2004

Please Update Your RSS Feeds


So you're wondering what happened to Golly Blog Howdy? Think I stopped posting altogether??

NO! The RSS feed is just quiet because I'm not posting from the old Blogger URL anymore!

Please reset your RSS feed link to this.

Then you'll get all the Golly Blog Howdy goodness again!

(*whew* - that solves one of the complication of the move.)

Monday, November 15, 2004



Remember Item Two?

Here's the exciting news -- I HAVE A NEW BLOG HOME!!


Using software that is NOT BLOGGER!!


Yes, it's called!!!


(No It's Not Yet Finished And Most The Links Inside The Posts Are Broken But The Blog Itself Is Working And That's The Only Place You'll Find Me Now So Go There Already.)

Please don't post comments here any more. I tried to disable further comments, but Blogger (good riddance!) is taking so golly bob howdy long to change my settings, I cut bait.

Why are you still here? GO ALREADY!! See you on the flip-flop.

Sunday, November 14, 2004

GBH May Be Temporarily Offline

...and not due to Blogger (for a change!)

This blog may look altered or may entirely disappear for five minutes, three hours, two days - I dunno. I'm not the techie here (but you all knew that). Suffice it to say that if you have stopped by here and things look odd or abandoned, rest assured, I'm around and am...working...on...a...project.

*big grin*

See you soon.

Homeschool Resources 11.14.04

I have found a new online resource for homeschooling lessons, printables, articles, helpful tips for getting started with homeschooling -- just tons of stuff, a great deal of it for FREE. All you homeschoolers and homeschooling wannabes, check it out.

Saturday, November 13, 2004

Two Items

Item One:

A sure sign that this blog is finally hitting its stride: I am now getting spum sent to my gollybloghowdy email account!!

Whoo-hoo!! I'm on the map!!!

- This Pollyanna view brought to you by Half-Full, Incorporated.

Item Two:

Ohhhhhhhh I've got some exciting news and I'm so excited and I can't tell any of you about it yet but oooh I am psyched and I can hardly wait and it's gonna be so kewl and oooh oooh oooh!! (*breaks into Happy Dance; not to be confused with Island Dance*)

- This message brought to you by the Coalition of Women Who Sometimes Speak Like 14-year-old Girls When They Are Ooooh Excited About Something Really Kewl.

I'm Mellie Helen, and I approve these messages.

Amazing Mom Feat 11/13/04

How to Survive a Theme Park Day on $20 Total:

- First, ensure you have on you a twenty dollar bill, some miscellaneous change in the bottom of your purse, and no plastic.

- Drop husband off for out-of-town work meeting in touristy town. Consider how to keep kids occupied for five hours.

- Check purse for annual passes to touristy town theme park, and find them present. Smile. Surprise kids by driving into theme park parking lot. Hear children squeal with delight.

- Pay $7 for parking (leaves $13).

- Wonder how the golly bob howdy you're going to make it through the next five hours on $13 for three people.

- Resist any and all requests for trinkets and momentos which come with a price tag. Instead, deftly steer children toward the lovely gardens and discuss colors, scents, names of plants. When they see yet another shop or cart of toys, engage them in the antics of the animals seen in the park and ask them to show you their best imitation of how they walk and how they sound. Focus their attention on the atmosphere music being piped throughout the grounds, and encourage them to dance to the music. (Earn one demerit for leaving movie camera at home while attempting to mentally capture their moment of joy in your heart forever.)

- When ordering lunch, ask the server whether foregoing the cutesy plastic container for the kids meal results in a lesser charge (answer: yes, by a dollar per meal. Why have I never thought to ask that question before?)

- For two little kids and one mom, order the following: two kids meals (per meal: 3 chicken strips plus fries; drink not included), side of watermelon chunks.

- When son asks if he can have "just one of those strawberries" lining the counter as display, go ahead and ask the service person if there is one (fresh) strawberry he may have. When she responds that they don't sell strawberries, ask whether they just might have one or two in the back, while advantageously showcasing adorable children, their hopeful, angelic faces beaming with anticipation. Receive plate of five juicy berries gratis.

- Pay bill, sit down in scenic locale, divide the strips (two per person) and distribute fries, melon and berries.

- Everyone sips off the Gatorade Mom brought in the stroller.

- Gather together last remaining sraps of funds to purchae one large bag of cotton candy for two extremely cooperative, non-whining, and obedient kids who more than deserve it.

Friday, November 12, 2004

Blog It Forward

A lovely idea was spawned by Buzz, and I am latching (or should I say "Latte-ing") onto it. Especially as my golly-bob-howdy blogrolling feature is refusing to play nicely, this will be a fun way to let all three of you know who else I'm reading on a regular basis. This weekly featurette is supposed to come out on Wednesdays, but, well, what with all the things (and Things) I've been dealing with lately, I am a bit tardy. No matter: without any further ado, let's press on now with...

Our debut featured blog is (drumroll, please....) Moogie's World!

(rabid applause ensues)

I came across Moogie because, well, she came across me, left some comments, and I got to know her blog. I adore her blog. The blog's description at the top of the page is so familiar, it could be on mine. Her current offerings includes treatises on topics such as chicken dance lyrics, farts, and blueberry crunch coffee (no, that's not a typo). Her basic musings are on family, friends, and life in general, and is a great read. Oh, and she blogrolls Golly Blog Howdy, so that immediately gets her a kiss sent all the way from her former Golden State.

So go check Moogie out. And spread the too may Blog It Forward. Please link back here if you use the BiF button above (which you would, naturally, serve on your own host).

Who will be next week's reciptient of the Blog It Forward program? It could be YOU! (Hey, new incentive to comment here, eh?) Tune in next Wednesday! (or, maybe Thursday. or even Friday. Just stay tuned.)

Slap That Bass, Brother!

What with the boots and the name game, I've obviously been on a silly bent lately. Here's more silliness, which I had originally found on the DuDu's Dad Desz blog: Create A Rock Band.

I named my band, The Rock'em Sock'em Robots.

Thursday, November 11, 2004

Twiddling Thumbs and Musak

Today was the day of The Doctor Visit. For the Thing. Well, turns out, there are four Things. Good, because you never know when you'll need a spare Thing. The clock is now ticking while the insurance approves/lays down bets/guesses at whim the next steps to take and whether it's worthy of their coverage. So I'll just be twiddling my thumbs and losing sleep 'til they decide to get back to me.

Incidentally, did you know that the traditional method of clasping hands with fingers intertwined and thumbs rotating about themselves is the sign for "Quaker" in American Sign Language? (See? This is an educational blog.)

Whenever I go to the doctor, I always feel like a car getting a maintenance check...or a long deferred overhaul. Particularly noteworthy are the times I'm at an OB/GYN visit -- "Okay, ma'am, let's just have a look under the hood..."

My mom has told and retold her story of visiting her GYN many years ago. This was back when every doctor's office played Musak in the rooms. The story goes that the doc was just getting to his business, when out of the Musak speakers comes the song, "I'll Be Seeing You In All The Old Familiar Places."

Still cracks me up. Good, because today...I need a laugh.

Work, Work, Work

Setting: The dinner table.
Time: Dinner time.
Scene: Rainbow is sleeping upstairs, so it's just the mom and the guys. Mom is savoring the beef she lovingly prepared this morning and roasted in the crock-pot all day long. Having wolfed down all the mashed potatoes, the guys want more of the spud, but alas, none remains to be had. Thus, they interrupt their dining to spontaneously make some more.

...aaaand then we stir it up like that...

Daddy, this is some hard work!

Yeah, it is...

NARRATOR: Hard work. Yes. Combining water, boullion, milk, and butter into a Pyrex bowl, shoving it in the mic for three minutes, dumping in flakes and stirring it around is tantamount to torture. And they wonder why it takes Mom so long to make dinner.

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Your Moment of Zen: Boots

No explanation here other than, watch out: it's dangerously 60s.

Thanks, Merlin! From

Every Cloud Has A Silver...Link

Having finished my Island Dance, I succumbed once again to the disappointment that only a near-zero traffic report can bring. Back to the laptop to catch up on other blogs. As if destiny guided my mouse clicks, I lit upon MoMMY's blog and found something to lift my spirits.

A little droop in your drawers today? Click here. And when asked, type in your first name.

Blog Subluxations

Golly Bob HOWDY was that a screeching halt. I think my blog has whiplash.

One day -- ONE DAY -- off of Blog Explosion, and my traffic has fallen from the usual three readers down to a couple of microbes and a dust bunny.

-ASIDE- Anyone who has visited, read, commented, and/or blogmarked here since I stopped BE is definitely NOT a microbe, nor a dust bunny. You are Champions of Allegience. I must be speaking about the other people. -End Of Aside-

I hopped onto the BE train before I even knew whether there were any other resources out there to introduce one's blog to others. (weepy, doe-eyed voice) "He was the only one I've ever...known," she said quietly.

Thus it is that I am only now learning that there are things called "web rings" ("Oh, you are SUCH a Newbie!" "Am not!" "Are TOO!!" "Am not INFINITY!!"). So I've joined up with a couple of those along with some blog catalogue sites. Perhaps we'll see readership zoom up to six. Quick, Ma, run out to Costco to stock up on them party platters!

Until then, it's mostly me and the crickets. Hey....if no one's here, then I can do whatever I want...I think I'll dance naked on the kitchen island and sing the "Oh Where Is My Hairbrush" song while eating an entire pint of Godiva ice cream! No one will know!! Bwaa-haa-haa-haaa!

--oooh. Except maybe my big brother, who occasionally reads this. And is a minister of music at a church.

Well, at least I'm singing a VeggieTales song...

UPDATE: Okay, I can just hear many of you saying, "What in tarnation is subluxations?" (Or words to that effect.) If you ask, it means you likely do not visit chiropractors on any regular basis. "Subluxation" is the term used to describe a spine and/or other skeletal and nerve connections that are out of alignment. As when one suffers from whiplash (hence the connection between headline and post). No charge for this Vocabulary Lesson; after all, we DO claim to discuss homeschooling matters here. "We" meaning, of course, "Me".


My son has just moved up in the world. Astro has bid farewell to his bulky, multi-clicking, five-point harness and said hello to his car seat's new life as a booster. He's really growing up.

*sniff* Before you know it, he'll be driving all by himself, going to college, gettin' married...*sniff*...never calling his mama...*sniff*...

No, no; I'm okay.