Saturday, October 23, 2004

About Golly Blog Howdy!

I enjoy reading blogs. I do. I subscribe to a number of them, and, as my day allows, I sneak in quick little visits as mini-vacations from the frantic pace of daily life. But I've pretty much always been a Blurker (one who only lurks on blogs and doesn't post). See, I never did watch soap operas, so I guess I felt it was about time I catch up on the phenomenon of Vicariously Living the Drama of Other People's Lives. As if I don't get enough drama in my own. But I had been content to take it all in by merely reading other blogs, without shouldering the responsibility of Getting Involved via commenting. Who has time for that?

A friend who has her own blog (while also raising her son as a single parent, home schooling, and working outside the home too, thank you very much, may she be eternally blessed with the abundant amount of energy she currently possesses) actually suggested that I start my own blog. "Ha! Ha!," I thought. I had just related to her my enormous joy at getting my kitchen almost clean enough to perhaps eat in. This was my big success story of the week, and she's suggesting I sit down and pound out witty, inspiring, compelling, thought-provoking and entertaining tidbits that would edify and enlighten others, while I'm on a regular diet of 5 hours of sleep (on a good night). Yes, of course! It makes perfect sense! Why didn't I see it before???

So if you take any issue with the quality of my blog, it's all her fault. Rant to her on her blog, Oro Et Labora.

Oh, one more thing -- why this blog is called "Golly Blog Howdy!" Well, ya see, when you become a mom and you have starry-eyed little angels looking up to you and watching (and listening to) your every move, you find that when you, oh, say, accidentally slam your hand in the door of the dryer, the list of vocabulary from which you may choose reactionary exclamations becomes severely limited. I therefore selected a phrase made famous by Slinky Dog in the wonderful Pixar made/Disney presented movie, "Toy Story". That phrase is "Golly Bob Howdy!", spoken as "GOLly Boooooooooooooooooob HOWdy!" I have adopted this phrase to serve in place of "Man, that's incredibly great news!" to "@#($*& I just stubbed the very same toe I just stubbed seven minutes ago!" to "YOU THOUGHT IT WAS A GOOD IDEA TO SMEAR PEANUT BUTTER ALL ALONG THE BANNISTER TO MAKE IT EASIER TO SLIDE DOWN AND GIVE THE ANTS SOMETHING TO EAT AT THE SAME TIME?!?!?" So you see how versatile it is.

The evolution from "Bob" to "Blog" was inevitable.


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