Sunday, October 24, 2004

Fluffy Little Feather

Rainbow's observations and reactions to the wonders of nature.

We were at a homeschool park day, on one of the last, warm, lovely days of summer's fond farewell, when the breeze was just enough to caress a warmed cheek with a kiss of autumn's arrival. Overlooking a lake, at the top of a grassy knoll, we relaxed beneath the vine-draped white trellises of the arbor-covered picnic tables. My little Rainbow had just suddenly gasped a cry of delight, her little hands flying up to her cheeks with her sudden discovery of a downy feather on the ground, a gift from a white bird who had at some recent time perched nearby. Her golden locks danced around her smiling face as she cocked her head in epitomal Little Girl Fashion, actually interlocking her fingers together at the side of her face a la old Shirley Temple movies, as she quietly cooed in a sing-songy voice, "Ohhhhhhhhh, fluffy little feather...." She lovingly held her endearing gaze upon this magical item for a few moments...and then, quickly changing voice, facial expression, and physical stance, proclaimed, "I'm gonna smash it!"

Yes, that's my precious little pearl.


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