Saturday, October 30, 2004


Our Astronaut-in-Training does not go out for Halloween. He doesn't want to.

Now, we're not big on Halloween. Dressing up, trick or treating, it's fun; but our household is not one to indulge in all the spookiness and creepiness about it. Personally, I like to focus on Nov. 1st, All Saints Day (I prefer to embrace the good overcoming the evil, such as depicted in the "Night On Bald Mountain" sequence in Fantasia, where Chernobog is thwarted by Goodness. Yeah, there's almost always a Disney reference for me).

Nevertheless, we appreciate the childhood experience of dressing up in something fanciful, going through the neighborhood at night (gasp!), and reveling in a power unknown to little children the rest of the year: to knock on strangers' doors, magically get them to open those doors upon your command and give you goodies, and return home with a surprise package of treats to dig though, hoping your mom won't confiscate the best pieces.

Our son, however, has not taken an interest in this endeavor. His first Halloween, he didn't have much say in the matter and was strolled around the neighborhood as Superbaby. His second Halloween, he dressed up as Bob the Builder and did go out, but after visiting about a half-block's worth of houses, he said, "Go home. Go home." Third Halloween? With resistance, he did dress up (pirate, this time), visited I think only one house, and then declared, "I've had enough". Last year, he stayed home and cheerfully passed out candy to the visiting kids. A three year old, passing out the candy to the kids!

Lest we assume he didn't want to go out this year, the following conversation ensued:

"Honey, what do you want to be for Halloween?"

"I don't wanna go out for Halloween."

"But you get to dress up in a costume, and go out, at night, and roam the neighborhood, and get candy!"

"No, thanks!"

"Don't you want to dress up like an astronaut? Or a rescue hero? Or --"

"NO, THANKS!" (he is a very polite, if steadfast, boy)

"Don't you want to go out with the other kids and get a lot of candy?"

"NO. I want to pass candy out. You will go out; I will stay home and give candy to the kids."

Well, I suppose I'll save a ton on annual costumes in the years to come.

Any of you have kids who forego trick-or-treating of their own volition?


At October 31, 2004 at 6:24 PM, Blogger Aussie Mama said...

My lot would love to trick or treat, but it's not really the thing here. Sounds like fun though.


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