Saturday, October 23, 2004


Simple advisory that this blog is nowhere NEAR ready for visitors. Kinda like my house.

I'm so new to creating and running my own blog that I could very well accidentally publish this before it's ready, releasing extraneous bits of mayhem out across this Wide Webbed World of ours, sending unintended recipients into panic attacks and interfering with the mating habits of the endangered blue-throated wild chickadee. Who knows what might happen?

So I hereby absolve myself of poor site design, uninteresting content, and any other negative aspect of this newly hatching blog. I'm just going to do my best to keep it cozy and warm, singing to it softly in a rocking chair, and cooing into its ear that it's the most precious blog on the planet until it comes to believe it.

Put more plainly: watch out for construction, redesign, re-engineering, or other whimsical changes. Reminds me of the little phrase I used to see all the time growing up: PBPGINFWMY (Please Be Patient: God Is Not Finished With Me Yet!).

UPDATE 10/22/04 6:15pm: Okay, two days have passed and I still cannot figure out how to make the comments plug-in work. This is why I decorate cakes and Merlin is a computer programmer. I shall, nevertheless, persevere, because otherwise this becomes a very self-serving blog. Like it's not that, already.

UPDATE 10/23/04 10:40pm: So I got SO MAJORLY GOLLY BOB HOWDY FRUSTRATED at trying to set this up on Another Blog Location that I have finally relented and come here to BlogSpot, where I heard it was much easier to set up a blog. No kidding. In, like, five minutes I was up and running here. Hot diggity dog. Thank you, Joyce!


At October 23, 2004 at 10:52 PM, Blogger J o y c e said...

"You're Welcome"

From a Joyce-Imposter *wink* The RealJoyce is never up this late at night. . . . .


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