Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Get Ready to ROCK!!

"Are you ready to learn about letter sounds? Are you ready to ROCK'n'learn about letter sounds??"

Here's a fabulous tool for homeschoolers, or anyone who wants to give their kids a fun time while learning.

Rock'n'Learn is a company that makes audio/visual products to help kids learn the alphabet, phonics, counting, colors, shapes, nursery rhymes, math, science, foreign languages, and more. And they do it in a way that, when the kids play the tapes over and over (and trust me, they will), it won't drive you crazy. Barney the Dinosaur this ain't.

Most of their products are DVDs and tapes of CGI images set to fun music and cute rhymes and fun bits to make learning really enjoyable. I mean, Rainbow (who is not even two and a half yet) knows the difference between a turquoise pentagon and a maroon octogon. Now, I don't know how crucial it is that she knows that at this age, but the point is, they make everything so easy to retain, that she can't help but learn. She's known her alphabet since about 15 mos, currently knows most of the letter sounds (except for the really complicated combinations), and can even read some. The Astronaut-in-Training has been reading for about a year, and he's now 4-1/2. Not because I'm forcing anything down their throats, but due in large part to these videos.

We have several of these, but my favorites are: Colors, Shapes & Counting, Letter Sounds, and Phonics. They also have a line of books with audio tapes that are great for fun learning time in the car.

To see their whole line, and check out samples of their products online, visit their site.

I don't get a penny from promoting these. They are just so good, I tell everyone I can about them. And now you know, too.


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