Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Plastic Tubes and Alien Life Forms

I'm washing dishes. (Yeah, the maid has the day off. As usual.) And as my soapy wand wipes over the millionth plastic sippy cup with fanciful straw attached, I'm wondering... I getting this clean?

Because some of these cups you get from theme parks, birthday parties, and the like have special wide-tubes-O'-plastic for straws, and a conventional rip-off-the-paper straw just limply rests in the cup's predesigned hole with a lot of room to spare. Which means that when my toddler tips the cup up to sip from the straw (yeah, I know), a lot more spills out than would if the proper accessory straw were attached. How do you clean these straws?

And now I come upon a quirkily maddening design from our friends at Denny's. Have you seen this sippy cup? Its straw begins inside the cup, hooks at the top like a candy cane, makes a mad scribble of swirls about the outside of the cup before ending at the top again where one can genteely sip from it. Oh, and the lid is *permanently attached* on the straw.

How does one clean this?? Am I feeding my kids microbial aliens that will kill them?

What do you mommies do?


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